Hess 1984 Oil Tanker Truck Bank-Red Switch

AJ's Hess Toy Trucks


  • 1984 Hess Fuel Oil Tanker with Bank

  • This truck was an update from the 1977-78 Fuel Oil Tanker, where Hess introduced the first-ever coin slot at the rear of the tanker. Children could access money by turning the cap at the back of the truck. The unique coin slot idea because the major feature of the next three releases. This was also the last Hess truck to use a single D battery.
  • New in "MINT Condition
  • 1984 Hess Fuel Truck and Bank
  • Green and White W/ Yellow Accents
  • Working Head & Tail Lights
  • Chrome grill and Bright Red Wheels
  • Real Rubber Hose
  • Has the Red Switch
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