Code 3 Millennium Luverne Pumper E-21

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Code 3 Millennium Luverne Pumper E-21 (12216)
This is Item #12216
Scale: 1/64
Release: August 2000
Edition Quantity: 2,000
To commemorate the 21st Century, Code 3 Collectibles is proud to release the MILLENNIUM SERIES EDITION. Each Millennium model will feature Dupont Chrome Illusion paint that changes colors when light reflects off it. This special unique paint turns from blue to purple and different shades in-between.
We have also created a 'Millennium' theme to our packaging to make these a 'once in a lifetime' addition to your Code 3 Collectibles collection.
Each 'Millennium' model is a limited edition of only 2000 pieces and Code 3 Collector Club members can order up to 3 per membership.

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