Code 3 Conshohocken, PA, Ferrara Pumper E-2 12331

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During the period 1997 to 2011 Code 3 Collectibles™ released over 500 diecast scale models (1:64 and 1:32) of fire and rescue vehicles based on actual equipment from across the USA. These are high quality pieces and were encased in durable plastic “bubbles.”

The vehicle described and pictured here is from my personal collection.

Numerical ID:  12331

Scale: 1:64

Authority:  Conshohocken, PA

Vehicle Manufacturer:  Ferrara

Vehicle Type:  Pumper

Vehicle Number:  E-2

Date of Release:  June, 2000

Quantity Released:  3,000

Packaging:  Bubble in Sleeve

Certificate of Authenticity (COA):  Inside Base

Set:  One Only

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