2020 Hess "Chrome" Ambulance and Rescue Truck

AJ's Hess Toy Trucks


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For sale is a 2020 Hess Ambulance and Rescue Chrome truck! Right now we are taking offers for it. being that this truck is so rare it really hard to declare a value.   This truck is extremely "Rare" and in fact after doing research no one even knew that a chrome truck even existed! As of right now this might be a 1/1 truck. Truck came in a brown box from a factory sealed case and has never been opened until now.  Please check out the photo's as i tried to get every angle and if their is any more pictured need to can post them as well. As you can see in the pictures this truck is beautiful and so is the small recuse truck inside! This is a must have for any Hess collector and i have a feeling this truck will not last very long either.

If you would like to make an offer On the truck or get more information please give AJ a call at (570) 877-4459

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