1967 Hess Tanker Truck red velvet!!!

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For sale is a 1967 Hess Red velvet truck. as you can see in the pictures this truck is in great shape especially for how old it is. This truck has been in storage for many many years and has not seen light sense. The battery terminal is clean I put a D size battery inside, and the lights all power up in the front and back. The decals on the truck are in great shape and are definitely visible. I seen in the pictures this is a original battery door for the 1967 truck. All parts on the truck our original. The red velvet is in great shape as seen in the pictures and includes the top and bottom as well. The top of the box is included as well. It is pretty stained We did not attempt to clean it as because of the age we really did not want to mess with it. We tried to provide as many pictures as possible to show the exact detail as what you would be receiving. If you need any more pictures, please do not hesitate to request them and we can send more if need be.. this is definitely a must have for any collection, whether you are starting or you are just missing some of them.  


As always, we include Free Shipping and insurance through UPS. 

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