1964 Hess Tanker Truck “Mint” Lot-6

If you are looking for a perfect mint condition, 1964S tanker truck, you have come to the right place! This truck is from a factory sealed case and has never been played with or displayed. Please check out all the photos as we try to provide all angles needed. I seen in the pictures this truck is bright white does not have any yellow or staining whatsoever. The decals on the truck are perfect and are not peeling. The battery compartment is clean and as soon as you put a battery in the terminal, both the front and rear lights power on. All the parts on the truck are original and are not reproduction. Everything is included with this truck, including the funnel, the battery card, the top and funnel inserts and even the original factory battery is included! The most rarest part is the original paper that they wrap around the truck is also included as well as the paper that goes to the funnel. This is extremely rare and you never see so please keep that in mind. The box itself is in amazing condition no tears rips or even peeling on the paper. Every corner is perfect and it is bright and color. Honestly, this is amazing condition. I’ve never seen one like this and to say it from 1964 and it looks like this is pretty amazing!


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